For Complete, Managed Endpoint Security

Monitor 24/7

Monitor 24/7

Our analysts monitor your environment and identify threats

Investigate & Respond

Investigate & Respond

We find out exactly what happened and tell you how we’re fixing it

Hunt Threats

Hunt For Threats

We proactively hunt for malicious activity in your environment

Help Improve

Help You Improve

We tell you how we’re addressing the root cause of recurring incidents

Focus On What Matters

Increase security quickly and get your existing security operations team focusing on more valuable and satisfying work. Thinix AssuredSecurity provides a managed security service for strengthening and supporting the continuous monitoring of your network and endpoint security.

With visibility and accessibility to all of the PCs in your environment, support tasks are easier than ever, and end-user support becomes a breeze. You can remotely view utilization, processes, services, Event Viewer, and installed applications. To support users and complete managerial tasks, you even have access to a behind-the-scenes command prompt.

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Thinix supports thousands of endpoints worldwide and has over 150+ million hours of combined uptime with no persistent security violations.


Security Simplified

By combining a number of otherwise separate processes and technology, Thinix is able to take a more holistic approach to endpoint security. Thinix AssuredSecurity is focused on massively improving the baseline security of corporate networks. AssuredSecurity significantly improves the baseline security of endpoints at a cost-effective price.

AssuredSecurity provides a higher level of security at a lower cost than businesses would be able to achieve using traditional means, allowing IT departments to accomplish the proverbial ‘do more with less'.

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Core Features

Operating System Updates

The management and installation of Windows updates ensure that systems are properly patched, helping ensure security and reliability. Thinix is able to deploy updates in stages in larger deployments, which helps identify potential incompatibilities in specialized systems prior to updates being rolled-out to entire networks.

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Application Updates

Thinix rapidly installs updates for common applications from Adobe and other software vendors to help ensure that systems are up to date. Many of these software applications come out with critical security patches and updates frequently, because of this, Thinix closely monitors and feverishly applies updates as they are available.

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Operating System Configuration

Thinix AssuredSecurity enforces a baseline set of policies and operating system configurations that are similar to what the U.S. Government recommends in their Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG). The STIG "is a cybersecurity methodology for standardizing security protocols within networks, servers, computers, and logical designs that enhance overall security. These guides, when implemented, enhance security for software, hardware, physical and logical architectures to further reduce vulnerabilities." Thinix takes these proven recommendations, builds upon them and adopts them to each client’s environment.

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Thinix detects and monitors 100% of active processes on an endpoint and automatically take actions to block, investigate or remediate threats. The result is a threat protection level far superior to what is achieved through traditional antivirus because you can block threats before they happen.

  1. Continuous monitoring of the customers' applications and endpoints.
  2. Automatic classification using machine learning techniques in Thinix’s big data platform.
  3. Analysis and classification of unknown applications to determine threat potential.
  4. Remediation and alerts based on classification and operating mode.

The system can operate in two modes. Total Protection allows only the running of applications that are known to be good and blocks unsafe applications and applications that are not yet classified from running. Flex Protection allows both known good and not yet classified applications to run. The system then uses machine learning techniques to classify the unknown applications.

EDR also provides continuous information of the status of threats. The system will send out immediate alerts when a malware enters the network and list the actions being undertaken to address it.

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Endpoint Protection (Antivirus)

Integrated antivirus protection to detect and block advanced threats including APTs, zero-day and targeted attacks and ransomware. Contextual and behavioral rules to ensure companies work to help protect vulnerable systems and applications, such as legacy software and software and systems that are susceptible to malware. This builds upon the security in EDR to provide a layered security approach. Endpoint protection can also provide Internet filtering when desired.

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Technical Support

AssuredSecurity is managed and monitored by Thinix’s support team, which makes it extremely easy to onboard large number of computers. Thinix actively monitors devices and can alert upon issues such as impending hard drive failures to allow for more proactive IT management.

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Trusted Support

Behind-The-Scenes Updates & Patch Management You Can Trust

When it comes to critical updates, timing is everything. In order to deploy critical updates quickly, they need to be done silently and without user interruption. With Thinix AssuredSecurity, the updates are installed behind the scenes so you don’t have to ask users to complete updates themselves and you don’t need someone to sit down at their desk to do the updates for them.

We Provide:

  • Fast & Accurate Deployment
  • Scheduled Remediation
  • Configuration Management
  • Centralized Control With Whole System Dashboard
  • Up-To-Date Patches For Windows 10

Real Result Reporting
& Comprehensive Analysis

Thinix provides comprehensive reporting for all applications. With abridged and detailed reporting, you can easily understand and keep up with monthly security checks, and Reports can be customized, using report parameters, and filtered by nearly any field. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically and on a recurring basis. They can be private or shared and can be distributed to email recipients.

Example Reports:

  • Open File Shares
  • Endpoint Disk Usage
  • Offline PCs
  • PCs Requiring a Reboot
  • Software Deployment & Installation Analysis
  • Windows Patch Deployment Analysis
  • Installed Antivirus & Anti-Malware
  • Remove Control Session Reports
Reporting & Comprehensive Analysis

Plans & Features

AssuredSecurity Helps You:

Increase Security

Increase Security Fast

Transform your security operations team with less investment and overhead

Detect & Respond

Detect & Respond Faster

Find and resolve threats sooner; measure your progress over time

Reduce Risks

Reduce Cost & Risk

Fewer incidents means less disruption for your employees and customers

Make Your Team Happier

Make your Team Happier

Eliminate tedious tasks you hate so you can focus on the work you love

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Thinix supports thousands of endpoints worldwide and has over 150+ million hours of combined uptime with no persistent security violations.

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