Thinix RocketFailover

Say Goodbye To Internet Downtime

Technology failures occur often and in varying severity. Why suffer through a potential loss when you can protect yourself with Thinix RocketFailover. In the event of an outage of a store’s primary Internet provider (usually a DSL or cable connection) Thinix RocketFailover begins providing high-speed Internet access via the device's reliable, 4G LTE / LTE-A cellular connection. This keeps credit card processing and other services flowing seamlessly. We work to help your business remain high-functioning and prosperous. 

High Availability Business Needs

Normal business-class Internet connections promise uptime in the high 90 percentile range. Unfortunately, for a 24/7 business, this means there can be several hours of outages per month. For businesses like clinics, nursing homes, and financial institutions, this downtime is unacceptable. Thinix RocketFailover provides a backup Internet connection to keep these organizations connected.

Easy To Deploy

Thinix RocketFailover™ devices are pre-configured by the Thinix support team to work with each customer’s network. For those customers without an IT staff, Thinix engineers can provide personalized integration services, including on-site support and fully managed networking options. Thinix Internet devices are fully managed, meaning we handle firmware updates, monitoring, and configuration changes. Thinix RocketFailover™ delivers on assurances of peace of mind. These devices and services uphold an easy to deploy fail safe that works consistently to provide seamless service uptime for you.

Visit our dedicated product website, to read case studies, compare products, and dive into technical details with whitepapers.

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Visit our dedicated product website to read case studies, compare products, and dive into technical details with whitepapers.

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Features at a Glance

  • Specialized Device - Thinix works with the best vendors delivering the solution for your needs
  • 4G LTE / LTE-A Data Plan - a number of data plans that are optimized for backup use
  • Static, Public IP Address - static public IP addresses for the Pro and Enterprise RocketFailover pricing plans.
  • Remote Support, Monitoring and Updates
  • Thinix iStatus™ Cloud Alerts - Thinix premier solution to monitor your back-up 24/7
  • Thinix Backup WiFi - optional service with supported hardware
  • High Availability Business Needs


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Designed for Distributed Enterprise

RocketFailover is the only cellular failover solution that was built from the ground up to meet the unique Internet continuity requirements of businesses with branch and remote locations.

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