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Thinix’s Business Center kiosks and workstations provide safe and secure internet and office program access for guests and residents in hotels, apartment buildings, healthcare, condominiums and public spaces. Thinix provides everything a customer needs to offer safe, reliable computer access to their guests and residents. Available in both PC and Apple iMac form factors, systems use advanced security software to safeguard user privacy and insure reliable operation. Systems are fully backed by Thinix’s GuestFirst™ support team, who provide technical support and proactive software updates.

Over 12,00 Devices Online

Real, Military-Grade Security, Built for Hotels

Thinix is proud to have achieved an impressive milestone of 100,000,000 hours of uptime without any notable security breaches or incidents. In order to achieve this level of excellence Thinix has developed best-in-class security software over the last ten years and combined that with an enthusiasm for deploying patches and software updates. Thinix works closely with government technology professionals to ensure systems are designed to adhere to their stringent standards for user and system security. This is one reason Thinix has over 12,000 managed endpoints that are widely deployed throughout hospitality, military, government, healthcare and apartment complexes.

  • Beautiful Design: Thinix Guest-Use PCs utilize artist-designed interfaces designed for customers with the highest level of standards.
  • Fully Branded:  Every Thinix PC is branded (at no extra charge) for the hotel or business it is located at, with interfaces that are optimized for each customer’s logo.
  • Integrated Security: computers are "locked down" - meaning they are highly secure and incredibly reliable. Each time a user session ends, the computer is cleaned for the next user.
  • Privacy Protection: Thinix All-Clear™ securely deletes browsing history and files. This means a safe experience for all of your users. Integrated session and inactivity timers initiate a system clean-up if the guest leaves without ending their session.
  • Expert Support: Thinix has a fully in-house team of developers and technicians that are available to handle any issues, concerns, or customization requests with your PC.
Business Center Side View

Artfully-Designed Interfaces

Being incredibly secure is not enough, however. Systems also are required to be attractive and reinforce the brand image. Thinix has artist-designed interfaces that have set the bar for beautiful, easy-to-use guest-use computers that are well-suited for 5-Star hotels and resorts, class-A apartment buildings and luxury condominiums. Thinix’s design team will take a customer’s logo and embed it in a customized interface that matches the logo’s color and design; which is one of the ways Thinix has set the bar for interface design.

FamilySafe™ Filtering

Thinix’s business centers and guest computers come with FamilySafe™ technology to block inappropriate web content. Thinix’s content filtering solution is designed to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which is the industry standard for web-filtering. FamilySafe™ filtering is included at no cost in all managed Thinix business center systems and is a must-have for business centers in hotels, resorts, apartment buildings and businesses. User safety and satisfaction is Thinix’s utmost priority. Trust Thinix to provide secure and reliable computer access for your patrons.

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Features at a Glance

  • Customizable restrictions & functions
  • Content filtering
  • Secure, Clear-All History Feature (after guest session has ended/times out)
  • Secure solution with managed updates
  • Failsafe Session Timeout feature

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