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Thinix really stood head and shoulders above everyone else from a score perspective. We are already seeing a difference in our scores. I've certainly had conversations with some of our franchisees who have made the switch to Thinix as their provider and they've seen just huge turnaround.

—Andy Fellows, Corporate Director of IT
AmericInn Hotel & Suites
(In reference to implementing Thinix WiFi as a brand to improve internet guest satisfaction scores.)

Features at a Glance

  • Improve Guest Internet Survey Scores
  • Brand Standard Terms & Conditions Splash Page
  • Hardware Upgrade Program
  • Large Scalability for the Internet of Things
  • Brand standard In-Room Instructions
  • Real time Network Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 U.S. Based Help Desk Support
  • Network Security and Segmentation
  • Whole Property Roaming
  • Easy to Deploy with Plug-N-Play Upgrades
  • Detailed Per User Tracking & Reporting
  • Automatic Report Generation

Thinix partners with Extreme Networks to provide discrete access points

Fast, Reliable Guest WiFi with 24/7 Guest Support

Thinix offers the most advanced program for quickly deploying a guest network to a hotel, resort or multi-dwelling unit. Guests are offered a superior Internet experience with enterprise grade gateways, lighting-fast dual-band access points, cloud monitoring and 24/7 technical support. Thinix’s 24/7 service center, which is located in the U.S. Midwest, provides support to guests when they need assistance or have questions.

Key Features Include:

  • Splash pages that load reliably on all devices. The most common issue with competing systems is that splash pages load slowly or irregularly on different types of devices. Thinix uses industry standard equipment and installs regular updates to ensure they work reliably over time. Thinix even supports gaming systems that cannot click ‘I Agree’ to the terms of service due to not having a browser.
  • Strong connection through the room. Thinix offers a variety of wireless access points, including wall-plate access points that are placed in the guest rooms. Wall-plate access points are the best way to ensure there is a strong connection for devices as it brings the signal where the guest is, inside the room.
  • Enterprise-grade equipment from leading vendors. A frequent issue with competing solutions is that they use grey-market and proprietary equipment, especially gateway devices, which are not well supported and don’t work well over time with the vast numbers of different types of devices guests bring in. Thinix only uses industry standard equipment that is well supported and have a long life-cycle.
  • Expert Support. Thinix has a full team of engineers and technicians that monitor the WiFi networks, troubleshoot issues and deploy updates.


Thinix GuestFirst™ 24/7/365 US-Based Help Desk Support

FamilySafe Secure Hotel Wifi powered by Thinix

FamilySafe WiFi, with optional client-isolation, works to protect guests by preventing the spread of viruses and malware from computer to computer connections within a hotel. FamilySafe WiFi keeps guest devices and private information much safer than in a traditional network setting without client-isolation protections.


Proudly Partnered With:

Extreme Networks Partner Cisco Meraki Partner Ubiquiti Networks Partner Ruckus Partner Watchguard One GOLD Partner

Improve RevPAR Through WiFi Investments

Thinix’s guest WiFi solutions are designed to work extremely reliably in hospitality environments. This means they handle a large number of users and make connecting to the network simple. When compared to industry averages, hotel guests with Thinix-managed WiFi have 90% less issues connecting to the WiFi. Because less guests have issues, more are likely to provide positive reviews in surveys and review websites. Better reviews help properties maximize occupancy and room rates by increasing the perceived value for prospective guests.

A Forrester Research paper commissioned by Motorola Solutions found that WiFi is the most important amenity at the hotel, with 94% of survey respondents saying it was important. One-third of those surveyed even said it was a deal-breaker if a hotel doesn’t offer WiFi in their room. Because bad WiFi is not really any better than having no WiFi, it means that 94% of hotel guests demand working, reliable WiFi or they will not be satisfied. Unhappy guest result in lost bookings, refunds, wasted manpower and decreased loyalty.

Hotel Comparison

High quality WiFi is a large differentiator of hotels in the crowded limited service space. Hotels in this price range often have a poor WiFi experience due to bad connections, old equipment, or inappropriate types/amount of equipment. Thinix has developed highly competitive price options for limited service hotels that provides highly reliable connectivity using high quality equipment, but at a very aggressive price point. Even a tiny increase in room revenue due to WiFi improvements can recoup investments in as little at 3-6 months, allowing for increased profitability for years to follow.

Thinix has solutions for all types of properties. Thinix currently manages over 15,000 devices and networks, installed in thousands of locations around the globe. Regardless of the industry, Thinix managed WiFi networks can be customized to any variety of applications. Please contact Thinix today to learn how to improve your guest WiFi network and maximize RevPAR. 

As Hotel of the Year, I needed a guest WiFi network that could keep up with my guests and new technology. Thinix has been great to work with and made the upgrade process easy. My new WiFi network is running excellent and the guests, as always, are happy.

—Kent Miller, Owner and General Manager
Comfort Suites

I’ve been using Thinix products in my hotel for over 5 years now and my experience has been excellent. Thinix upgraded our guest WiFi network and the difference it has made has been simply amazing.

—Matt Schmeling, General Manager
Ledgestone Hospitality, LLC

Free WiFi Consultation

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