321-Backup: Secure, Reliable Backup Technology


Simple, Safe & Secure Data Backup Technology

Data Loss can be Devastating

One of the most difficult tasks in an enterprise is monitoring backup jobs across your entire company. 321-Backup solves this problem by starting with a cloud-based architecture that is designed to scale. No matter if you have one PC or 1000, with one location or 100, 321-Backup can handle the job!

A Backup Solution That 'Just Works'

We understand that the most important job of a backup solution is to ‘just work’ with no excuses! We also know that it has to work the way you do, whether you are in the office or on-the-go, your backup solution needs to be flexible too. With 321-Backup there are no buttons to click, it just works. The last thing you need is a complex or unreliable solution. 321-Backup provides affordable, reliable, cloud backup that is simple to use and that you can trust.

  • Affordable, powerful and scalable. 
  • We offer two different types of bundles for backing up PCs and Servers which have slight differences and are aimed at different users and applications:
    • PC and Server Basic: This version is designed for basic use and has the features that most users need. Its’ priced aggressively so that businesses can afford to back up every PC and server on the network. The core features include: Encrypted local backup and cloud backup, block level de-duplication, web based management, management dashboard, email alerts, bare metal restore, system state backup and more!
    • PC and Server Enterprise: This version is designed for Pro and Enterprise applications and has all of the advanced features that are needed. These features include every feature in our basic version plus: Data Archiving, Backup Accelerator, Standby VMWare image, Virtual Disaster Recovery, Virtual Drive, SQL, Network Backups, Linux / MacOS support, Sharepoint and Exchange backups and more!

Cloud Based

There are just too many features to mention in 321-Backup, but one of the important features of 321-Backup is its’ ability to fully encrypt the backups sent offsite.

  • When it is installed, a password secures the connection between the client and the cloud, and an encryption key is used to fully encrypt the backups.
  • No-fear and zero chance that anyone can view your secure documents while they are in transit or while they are stored in the cloud.
  • Simply install it on a few of your Servers or PCs and give it a real trial

To get started, just give us a call or an email, we will generate a license, and send you the file to get started. Installation takes only a few minutes, and the web based configuration couldn't be simpler. End users will find that recovering their own files is now not only possible but is easy. Give us a call today!

Features at a Glance

  • Simple Web Based Interface
  • Backup Files & Folders
  • Network File Backup
  • System State Backup
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
  • Offsite Cloud Backup
  • Backup to local network NAS
  • Block level deduplication
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Bare Metal Restore
  • Virtual Drive
  • Hot Standby Image Capability
  • Enterprise Scalability

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321-Backup Brochure

If it's worth keeping, it's worth backing up.

—T.E. Ronneberg, Web Developer

Keep Peace of Mind with 321-Backup

With 3 Copies, in 2 media types and 1 saved offsite, you'll always have your data secure and backed up.