About Thinix

Thinix was formed to build computers and technology which lowered the costs of computing for users, and which made computers fundamentally better. Focused on building deep technology, Thinix has invented several revolutionary technologies and has a strong presence behind the scenes in cloud services and secure computers deployed in education, hospitality, medical, agricultural, government and military applications. Built on the guiding principles that computers should enable people to work effectively and with the tools available, and should not be a drain of time and resources on the owner. Thinix has built core technologies which enable computers to be stateless, and largely immune to the common problems faced by most users related to spyware, viruses and annoying issues caused by the computer becoming misconfigured.

Thinix was built on the concept of a thin, reliable, secure application or device which allows easy/fun access to local, cloud or virtual applications and cloud services.

Thinix is a Division of RDI

RDI is honored to have been recognized two years in a row, by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

For more information contact:
Anthony Clark, Director of Business Development
Phone: (888) 484-4649
Twitter: ThinixUSA

Mailing Address:
812 10th St.
Milford, IA 51301


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