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Secure, Self-Service Employee Kiosks

"Over a decade of information security expertise has been brought to bear to create our HR Kiosk product. Our technology has seen well over 100 million hours of secure uptime. This is exactly the kind of easy-to-deploy tool that brings together the interests of IT professionals with Human Resources and Human Capital Managers."

–Anthony Clark, VP Business Development

Human Resources Made Easier

HR management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of efficiency to cover a wide variety of workforce needs. On average, industries spend $1,700 per employee every year for HR communication. Thinix HR Kiosks act as an extension of your human resource department by allowing access to electronic pay stubs, employee benefits, employee scheduling, 401K administration, job postings, disseminating company policies or training opportunities, and other functions like these.

By adding an HR PC, ipad or tablet kiosk, businesses can conserve their resources — allowing HR employees to focus on tasks that require more tedious human intervention.

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Technology You Can Trust

Thinix HR Kiosks are one of the world’s leading secure kiosk solutions. With over 200 million hours of secure uptime, our human resource kiosks are purpose-built machines, designed to give users access to HR resources. Intelligent engineering such as website filtering and controlled applications allow our secure kiosks to eliminate costly distractions normally experienced with a traditional free-roam PC. With access to your HR software, various applications, printing, etc., Thinix HR Kiosks have everything your users need to stay connected, productive, and informed.

Reduce IT Resources

Every system maintains reliable PC operation, with built-in security and patch management at no additional charge. Our security-focused approach means mitigating vulnerabilities to your network starts the moment our kiosks are plugged in. Custom designed to match any environment, our HR kiosks are artful, turnkey solutions that help accomplish the proverbial ‘do more with less.’

Desktop Lockdown

Desktop Lockdown

Restrict access to areas of systems – drives, control panel, start menu items, & thousands of other security configurations.

Automatic Updates & Antivirus

Automatic Updates & Antivirus

Windows, Apps, and Antivirus are automatically kept up-to-date to prevent malware, ransomware, & zero-day threats.

Thinix All-ClearTM

Thinix All-Clear

Browsing history, files, and other confidential data are securely deleted after each user session is finished.

Using HR Kiosk

Strengthen & Enhance Your HR Department

In many corporate environments such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and government, roughly 30 to 40% of employees do not have daily access to a computer. Thinix is well equipped to fill that need and offers secure PC kiosks, ipad kiosks and tablet kiosk options. Our HR kiosks provide 24/7 self-service functions for the convenience of employees and cut down on costs by minimizing the need for human intervention.

Used in a wide variety of applications, our HR kiosks provide quick access to business-critical documents such as online forms that save on printing and paper as well as administrative and IT costs. Another key application of our HR Kiosks is to provide assistance with employee training and scheduling as well as additional managerial functions — which makes onboarding new employees or maintaining current employee HR tasks easier than ever.

Key Features

Easy-to-Use PCs

Easy-to-Use PCs
Job #1 of an HR Kiosk is to get users to the information they need quickly. Our icon-driven user interface makes it easy even for untrained people to get to the HR applications, training and other materials needed.

Cost Effective

Prebuilt, all-in-one designs are compact and SecurePC bundles include, locking cables, USB port blocks and anti-tampering features to get you running quickly and to prevent help desk calls for simple things like disconnected cables.


Preconfigured and easy to deploy, right out of the box – saves time and money. We can assist in creating branded themes and custom icons for your organization.

Walled Garden

Walled Garden
Optionally create lists of websites which are allowed and restrict access only to allowed websites, preventing users from accessing other, perhaps inappropriate content.

Fully Cloud Managed

Fully Cloud Managed
We manage security updates, application updates and provide expert support when needed.


We offer a wide range of solutions to fit any application or form factor needed.

Fully Branded

Fully Branded
Brandable and easily configurable to show icons for only your relevant websites and tasks.

Restricted Applications

Restricted Applications
Optionally Thinix HR Kiosks can be configured to only allow specific, authorized applications to run.

Protecting Users & Data

Protecting Users & Data
At the DNA level, our computers are designed to protect user history and to be secure. By fully erasing user history on exit and offering NetworkIsolation to protect corporate networks you can rest assured that guests who use computers cannot misconfigure the computers or access unauthorized corporate materials.

Reliable Printing

Reliable Printing
This is an important feature for printing forms and applications. Thinix HR Kiosks support an almost unlimited number of printers to make the job of printing easy for end users.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"I’ve been using Thinix products in my hotel for over 5 years now and my experience has been excellent."

"Their equipment and support is first rate. They have been a great partner for our properties; we use them extensively."


Security Meets Efficiency

Thinix HR Kiosks have everything your users need to stay connected, productive, and informed.

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