Thinix iStatus® Desktop

Powerful Network Monitoring Platform

Reduce End-User Frustration and Save IT Resources!

Do you desire an effortless way to reduce end-user frustration and save IT resources? Your answer is to implement iStatus® Network Monitoring Products. Our Thinix team knows all too well that your business depends on network and cloud services. Yet, when these services are down or unavailable, employees typically lack the troubleshooting skills or system permissions to diagnose problems. These problems cause frustration for end users and for customers. iStatus keeps everyone informed and provides immediate ROI for businesses by providing employees with a root-cause analysis and enterprise ready features to quickly resolve the issue.

iStatus desktop has been designed to present clear, concise information. The result is telling end users if the problem is related to a service which is down, or to determine if the problem lies with the network or the ISP and react immediately.

Like Having a Technician Built-in to Every PC

iStatus Desktop is a user-friendly design used to present clear information, telling end users if the problem is related to a service which is down, or to determine if the problem lies with the network or the ISP. When problems are corrected, messages presented by iStatus are cleared automatically so users know the system is ready for use. Customers seeking options can discover that iStatus is easy to install, inexpensive, and easy to deploy to multiple machines. Network managers can quickly add targets which can be monitored using ICMP (Ping), HTTP (web), or HTTPS (SSL Secure Web). Instead of having to adjust multiple parameters for each target, iStatus allows user to select the sensitivity of each target. This simultaneously adjusts how often each target is checked, defines service levels for response times, and adjusts the allowable amount of loss or slowness before alerts are generated. System administrators can monitor hosts, and just log - not notifying end users, or can alert end users when hosts are down or slow. Another benefit to partnering with the Thinix iStatus Desktop is that settings are easily exported and imported into multiple machines eliminating tedious configuration on each PC.

Simple, Powerful Monitoring and Tools - For Non-Technical Users

Thinix iStatus Desktop is the best solution to help pinpoint problems quickly and includes an expert system to immediately determine the most likely root cause of a problem. The result acts and thinks just like an educated technician who would be sitting at a PC troubleshooting a problem. We encapsulated the business logic and troubleshooting process to build a system that helps recommend corrective actions that go far beyond the abilities of an average user. iStatus Desktop combines network testing with historical data, cloud data, and triangulation (event correlation) to make recommendations to an average user that doesn't need to understand how the system works.

Features at a Glance

  • Monitor connectivity & critical network services from every PC
  • Inform non-technical users when cloud services are down reducing frustration
  • Wire or WiFi operation
  • Silent background testing doesn't interrupt your team
  • Correct status eliminates stale notification messages
  • Root-Cause analysis performed automatically to pinpoint problems
  • Enterprise ready features help IT quickly resolve issues


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