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Fully Managed Hybrid VoIP Phone Systems

cost savings

Cost Savings

E911 Compliant

E911 Compliant

Connectivity Redundancy

Connectivity Redundancy

Hassle free

Hassle Free

As an essential part of hotel booking and the guest experience, Thinix hybrid VoIP phone systems offer a flexible hospitality communication solution for hotel managers and owners. Our systems allow you to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of VoIP without having to invest in a costly IP Infrastructure. By combining the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP telephony, Thinix Hospitality Phone Systems offer feature-rich functionality and flexibility to handle your business communication needs.

With a reliable, simple-to-implement telephony platform, hotels can easily integrate our hospitality phone systems into existing hotel infrastructures at a reasonable cost, supporting both VoIP phones and analog phones. This delivers cost and installation savings as the systems utilize existing hardware and are E911 compliant. We provide solutions that allow hotel owners and managers to meet the demands of today, while future-proofing their investment.

Guest using hotel phone system
Hotel Phone System

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low-Cost — utilizes your existing analog hardware
  • E911 Compliant — allows guests to make emergency calls & transfers their location to the 911 dispatch
  • Preconfigured & Includes Tech Support
  • Hassle Free — fully managed hardware/software updates & backups
  • 4G Failover Hardware Included — for true connectivity redundancy to keep the system running 24/7
  • Reduces Calling Costs — by routing calls more efficiently over the Internet, VoIP dramatically reduces call costs vs. traditional copper phone lines (PSTN)
  • Efficient Management of Peak Loads — replace your bulky console with a software console that runs on your front desk computers

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