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Enjoy convenient printing from anywhere on your property with a mobile device.

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Users can upload desired files from any device

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Satisfied Guests

Satisfied Guests

Your guests can now enjoy convenient printing

Built for Today’s On-the-Go Mobile Users

We understand that your guests are always on the go. With FamilySafe CloudPrint, it is easier than ever to make your property an all-in-one servicing hub that offers convenient cloud-based printing for guests on-the-go. Using any device that guests might have, you can empower users with simple and secure print options.

Save Big With CloudPrint!

Unlike other printing services, FamilySafe CloudPrint doesn’t require you to buy and install additional hardware. All you need is a compatible printer and a low-cost subscription for the CloudPrint service. With the subscription, you get your own branded webpage where users can upload their files to print.

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Add Strategic Value

By adding FamilySafe CloudPrint, your property can accomplish two tasks; provide a much-needed guest amenity with secure print release (complete with privacy and password authentication), while also eliminating another dashboard for IT to manage hundreds of property configurations. By hosting an onsite printing hub that is easy to access from multiple devices, guest satisfaction scores will soar.

Inform Guests with Simple Directions

An outstanding guest experience is our top priority. We provide in-room instructions to provide guests with step-by-step directions for their use of FamilySafe CloudPrint. With provided directions and a secure printing, little to no assistance is needed for guests to print their documents, reducing the need for IT troubleshooting and eliminating complicated printing stations.

Versatile Applications

Hotel Business  Center PCs

Hotel Business
Center PCs

Board Rooms/ Conference Rooms

Board Rooms/Conference Rooms

Guest-Use PCs/Lobbies

Guest-Use PCs/Lobbies

Meeting Rooms/Team Rooms

Meeting Rooms/Team Rooms

University/Corporate Campuses

University/Corporate Campuses

Healthcare Facilities/Waiting Rooms

Healthcare Facilities/ Waiting Rooms

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