"As Hotel of the Year, I needed a guest WiFi network that could keep up with my guests and new technology. Thinix has been great to work with and made the upgrade process easy. My WiFi network is running excellent and the guests, as always, are happy."

–Kent Miller, Owner and General Manager
Comfort Suites

"I’ve worked with Thinix for several years and have implemented their WiFi and business center solutions into many of our upgraded and new construction hotel projects. I trust their technical recommendations and I know that I’m getting a high performance and reliable solution at a good price."

–Paul McHenry, Regional Manager
Three Rivers Hospitality

"We started looking at Thinix as a way to improve our guest Internet services in our properties and have expanded into business center computers and front office technology support. Their equipment and support is first-rate. They have been a great partner for our properties; we use them extensively."

–Troy Hart, CEO
Hart Family Hotels

"I’ve been using Thinix products in my hotel for over 5 years now and my experience has been excellent. Thinix upgraded our guest WiFi network and the difference it has made has been simply amazing. Anthony worked with me on my budget and gave me special pricing when it was time to upgrade our business center PC’s. I highly recommend Thinix."

–Matt Schmeling, General Manager
Ledgestone Hospitality, LLC

"Our staff and guests have experienced a noticeable improvement after we implemented RocketFailover. Now, when our primary ISP is down, staff can continue to process payments and check-in guests without any interruption. My favorite part is that the guests don't even know we are having Internet issues now! Makes for a positive experience for our guests."

–Fannie M., General Manager
Ramada Spirit Lake

“It’s truly been great working with Thinix on this upgrade. They’ve been able to handle our large property without skipping a beat. We were able to take a negative, make it a positive, and the word is out; Wyndsor Terrace has great WiFi!”

–Darrell Souhrada
Legacy Management

“I was pleasantly surprised with branding. I did not have to send any media for the theme set up but was happy that our branding matched the Hyatt standards without needing a second or third look.”

–Michael Parnell, Senior IT Manager
Hyatt Regency, Denver

“Our new WiFi system is amazing and it has been the biggest improvement to our hotel overall. We are so happy with our WiFi that I tell everybody I can within my hotel network about Thinix. They knew exactly what we needed to fix everything right away, they knew our budget, and they knew that we needed it done fast. They delivered.”

–Tammie Burch, General Manager
Quality Inn & Suites Casper, WY

“Thinix tech support is beyond reproach. Anytime I’ve ever had to call in a problem, the issue is resolved before I can give it a second thought.”

–Craig Justice, Senior HIE Management
Elite Hotel Group

“The retrofitted PCs now operate twice as fast and the reboot times are noticeably faster; guests seem generally pleased with the user-friendly software.”

–Michael Parnell, Senior IT Manager
Hyatt Regency, Denver

"RocketFailover has been a lifesaver in our hotels. Now, when our local ISP is down, our staff are still able to check guests in and out."

–Troy Hart, CEO
Hart Family Hotels


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