Thinix Unveils RetroUI™ - Automatically return to the Classic Desktop in Windows 8


MILFORD, Iowa, September 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Thinix [thin-iks], a leader in user interface design, managed services, and secure computing, today announced the release of RetroUI™ for Windows 8. RetroUI allows users to bypass the new ‘Windows 8 Metro User Interface’ (commonly known as the Metro UI). Users simply log in as normal and automatically load into the classic Windows desktop1. Starting at $4.95 for use on up to 3 devices, RetroUI is an affordable solution to users who don’t want or need the Metro desktop feature in Windows 8.


RetroUI for Windows 8 – At a Glance:

  •  Automatically bypass the Metro Start screen in Windows 8
  •  Users see the classic Windows desktop1 at logon
  •  Users can return to the Metro desktop as needed
  •  Does not alter Windows 8 security settings
  •  Optionally, new Metro features can be disabled/locked-out by RetroUI
  •  Simple to install and configure
  •  Enterprise class application; Scalable, Secure, Multilanguage, and works over RDP

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About RetroUI Pro:

RetroUI Pro is the most advanced Windows 8 start menu and desktop customization app available and dramatically improves the Windows 8 experience of users around the world. RetroUI Pro makes Windows 8 easier and more fun by bridging the gap between the new Start screen features and what people are used to from prior versions of Windows.

For more information, or to download a full 7 day trial of the new RetroUI today from