Thinix RetroUI lets Windows 8 users step off the Metro, stick to the classic desktop"

Article By Jon Fingas via Engadget

"More than a few people are upset that Microsoft's latest OS might require booting to Metro -- sorry, the Windows 8 user interface -- no matter little they care for that touch-optimized home screen. Hacks might already exist to revisit the conventional desktop, but Thinix is catering to that inner Luddite on a truly polished level through its just-launched RetroUI. The app skips more than just the sea of tiles: it can lock out certain Metro features altogether and push out to everyone on a network in the event that new UI is just too much for the office to handle. 

At $5 for every three PCs ($5 per PC in offices), it's a cheap way to pretend that all of Windows 8's changes are under the hood, and there's still a fallback if you've decided to embrace Microsoft's vision after all. Just don't let Steve Ballmer know what you've done."

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About RetroUI Pro:

RetroUI Pro is the most advanced Windows 8 start menu and desktop customization app available and dramatically improves the Windows 8 experience of users around the world. RetroUI Pro makes Windows 8 easier and more fun by bridging the gap between the new Start screen features and what people are used to from prior versions of Windows.

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