Thinix Online Store FAQ

Installation & Support

Our solutions are easy to install and Thinix provides remote installation assistance. Once you receive your order, please contact support to schedule an installation time.

Once you have purchased and installed your device, should you need support, please go to and submit a support ticket.

Order Changes

If for some reason your order needs to be changed/canceled, we allow for a 24 hour window. Pricing may change based on any changes you request.

To change an order, contact customer service. Any order changes after 24 hours may result in additional costs or restocking fees.

You may cancel services with a 30 day prior written notice. Early termination fees may apply. Please reference your service agreement for more information.

Pre-sale & Configurations

Our sales representatives are happy to speak with you about the product in the online store as well as the dozens of other products that we offer.

Please submit a product inquiry form and a sales representative will reach out to you:
Only a small number of options and bundles are available in the online store.

For all other products and options, please submit a product inquiry form and a sales representative will reach out to you:
For the PC-based solutions, both the background, logo, and buttons are customizable and the Thinix technicians will handle all of this for you. A standard configuration is applied for each use-case (hotel, HR kiosk, apartment complex, etc.) that all use a standard baseline set of pre-defined buttons. Any buttons may be removed at your request during installation. Up to 5 custom buttons may be added at no additional cost. Customer shall provide a suitable logo to be used for the background and any custom buttons.

For the iPad-based kiosks, the interface has buttons at the bottom of the screen that are customizable. These systems do not have a background, and instead will load a customer-provided website as the home screen.

For additional questions or options, please submit a product inquiry form and a sales representative will reach out to you:
Thinix’s managed business centers require little to no effort on the part of you, the customer, have attractive interfaces, and are consistently updated. Thinix handles technical support and ensures the systems work well, so well in fact that on average, our customers have to contact us for support less than once per year.

Do-it-yourself solutions, even when using commercially available kiosk software, normally don’t look nearly as nice, are usually difficult to configure and update, and often require a significant amount of time to set up.
Thinix CloudPrint Lite is an easy, low-cost way to allow a user (such as a customer/guest) to print from their own device to a printer. The user can simply email in the print job to a provided email address, or upload it to a provided web page, then the user is given a 6-digit code. They can then enter the code on the printer and the document will print out.

Thinix CloudPrint (not sold on the online store) is a more advanced cloud printing solution that can implement paid printing, account-based printing, and can work with a variety of printers.

Recurring Service Plans

Most products require an active support plan, which is typically a 3 year agreement. The support plans provide updates, technical support, and other critical services as listed in the product descriptions and individual support plans.

No, the listed price only includes the first year of service (or first month if service is billed monthly). Please see the product description which lists what the ongoing recurring service cost will be.

After you place your order, a Thinix employee will reach out to you to establish the method of payment for your future recurring services.
For services that are billed monthly, an automatic payment method will be required to be on file. For services that are billed annually, additional options are available.

Accounts without an automatic payment method are subject to an additional invoice fee.


By default, Thinix uses UPS shipping.

Once an order has been placed, the Thinix team will review and approve the order. Your order will ship out after everything has been configured and all necessary service agreements have been completed.
For orders that include hardware, the typical time from when you place your order to when you will receive the product is 2-3 weeks.
You will receive an email from UPS with the tracking information once the order has shipped.

Standard shipping rates apply. Should you provide the wrong shipping information, you will be responsible for any additional shipping costs.

Thinix ships anywhere within the United States.

If your business is located outside of the United States and you would like to purchase a product or service, please submit a product inquiry form: