Thinix Touch v6.1 – build 4000 - installer issue

Thinix Touch v6.1 – build 4000 - installer issue:

If you have a problem and installation fails for Thinix Touch, there appears to be a random issue with the installer not setting any theme as the active theme.  This issue is easily corrected and we are working on this issue.  Symptom is - after installing Thinix Touch, Touch fails to load at the end of the QuickSetup process and Windows Explorer opens in a window.  If this happens please do the following:

  1. Browse to: c:\program files\thinix\thinix touch\themes

  2. Open themes.ini file by double clicking it.  It should open in Notepad.

  3. Make sure ONE of the themes is set Enabled=1, save the file and close it.    (the installer bug is that all themes will be set to Enabled=0)

    [Gloss Black]


    [Family PC]


    [Office PC]


    [Library PC]


    [Student Laptop Example]


Note that you should enable the theme you want to use, which is the line below the theme name (so in this example the Family PC theme is enabled)

  1. Go back to: c:\program files\thinix\thinix touch

  2. Double click the file called: Shellrepair.exe

  3. Your computer will reboot and be back to normal, and Thinix Touch will also work correctly.