Thinix Touch Update 001 (for 6.1.4001) (Readme)

Thinix has published an update for Thinix Touch build 6.1.4001 which corrects known issue when running in ‘Application Mode’ causing Windows Explorer to launch in a window.


When Thinix Touch is in ‘Application Mode’ Thinix DynamicShell™ Technology is used to swap the Windows shell (explorer.exe) with Thinix Touch.  If Thinix Touch does not exit properly, this can cause an error condition when Windows is restarted.

This update corrects this issue, and in the event this ever happens, will automatically recover the system so that Explorer.exe (the normal Windows shell) launches correctly.

If this ever happens you will see a message that says “Your system is recovering from a serious error…..”, the system will logoff and be back to normal.

When to Use:

If you are running Thinix Touch 6.1.4001 we strongly recommend you apply this update

This update can be applied to 32 or 64 bit systems running Thinix Touch 6.1.4001.  The .exe will self-extract and update the file: c:\program files\thinix\thinix touch\shellrepair.exe

How to Install:

Copy ShellRepair_Update.exe to a local directory on your computer and run it.

On Windows 7 you will get a UAC prompt and you will need to hit YES.

Get The Update: