How to Import a Theme

“How can I import or restore a theme I saved or downloaded?”
Importing a theme is a very easy process that will allow you to start using a downloaded or saved theme in seconds:

Importing/Restoring a Theme

  1. On the desktop should be a shortcut to Thinix Configuration, open it

    1. If there is not an icon:

      1. Open My Computer

      2. Open Drive C

      3. Open Program Files

      4. Open the Thinix folder

      5. Open the Thinix Touch folder

      6. Scroll down and run ThinixTouchConfig.exe

  2. In Thinix Touch Configuration, click the tab entitled ‘General’

  3. Click the ‘Restore’ button

  4. Browse and select the .zip file that contains the theme you want to import or restore.

    1. If the theme is imported successfully, this message appears:

      1. “Your theme was restored successfully.”

    2. If the theme isn’t compatible, corrupted, or unable to be imported this message appears:

      1. “Your theme is not compatible with this version of Thinix Touch.”

  5. The newly imported/restored theme will be selected as the default theme automatically and is ready for use.