How to Create a Button

How do I create a button?

Button creation is pursuant to having an image to use. If you do not have an image to use already, see the Finding and Creating New Button Images KB article. If you already have an image, see below:

Creating a Button

It is important to note that a creating a button in one Theme will not create it in other Themes.

  1. On the desktop should be a shortcut to Thinix Configuration, open it

    1. If there is not an icon:

      1. Open My Computer

      2. Open Drive C

      3. Open Program Files

      4. Open the Thinix folder

      5. Open the Thinix Touch folder

      6. Scroll down and run ThinixTouchConfig.exe

  2. In Thinix Touch Configuration, click the tab entitled ‘Button Creator’

  3. The Action field can be pointed at:

    1. Executables (.exe)

    2. Remote desktop files (.rdp)

    3. Shortcut files (.lnk)

    4. Website URLs

  4. The Image field can be pointed at these supported file types:

    1. .jpg/.png/.bmp/.gif

  5. Once all three fields (Name, Action, Image) are set, click the save button.

  6. Now it is possible to the ‘Tabs’ tab and use the newly created button and save.