Using Thinix Kiosk in a Domain Environment

Set Kiosk as Shell for All Users

  1. Log onto thinixsupport account

    1. Ensure that local computer is selected on “Log on to” selection at login prompt

  2. Click “Start”

  3. Click “Run”

  4. Type “regedit” (without quotes)

  5. Click “OK”

  6. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

  7. Change “Shell” string value to: C:\Program Files\Thinix\Thinix Kiosk\ThinixKiosk.exe

  8. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

  9. Create new “string value” named “Shell” (without quotes)

  10. Set value of “Shell” to: C:\windows\explorer.exe

  11. Close the registry

  12. Reboot the computer

Join Computer to Domain

  1. Boot Kiosk Normally

  2. Press any key to close opening Flash

  3. Unlock Computer

    1. Click padlock icon in taskbar at top of screen

    2. Enter pin number and click “OK”

    3. Enter password for ThinixSupport account and click “OK”

    4. *Computer will be unlocked after an automatic reboot

  4. Press any key to close opening Flash

  5. Click “Continue to Kiosk”

    1. Note that taskbar is now red to signify that computer is unlocked

  6. Select “Administration” from the taskbar dropdown menu

  7. Enter pin number and click “OK”

  8. Click “Thinix System Manager”

  9. Enter password for ThinixSupport account and click “OK”

  10. Click “Yes” to enter configuration mode

  11. You will now see the standard Windows interface

  12. Click “Start”, right-click “My Computer”, and select “Properties”

  13. Click the “Computer Name” tab

  14. Click “Change”

  15. Select “Domain” under the “Member of” submenu

  16. Enter the fully-qualified domain name or NETBIOS name of the domain

  17. Click “OK”

  18. When prompted, enter a username and password combination with permission to join the computer to the domain

  19. Click “OK” three times

  20. Click “Yes” to restart the computer when prompted

  21. Once computer has rebooted, it will no longer log in automatically, and users will instead be prompted to log into the domain

  22. Press “Control+ALT+DEL” to view the username and password prompt

  23. Click “Options” and select the newly-joined domain from the “Log on to” menu

  24. Enter a domain username and password combination to log onto your network

  25. At first login, re-lock the computer by selecting “Lock the Computer” when warning message states “Thinix Disk Protection is Disabled”