Installing Thinix Touch to a Different Folder

I installed to a folder other than C:\Program Files\Thinix and Thinix Touch doesn’t work.

The cause of some applications not functioning is related to the ‘path’ of the theme files referenced in ini configuration files. For Thinix Touch to function with a new install path, these configuration files will need to be edited.

Editing the Configuration Files

  1. Open My Computer

  2. Open Drive C

  3. Open Program Files

  4. Open the Thinix folder

  5. Open the Themes folder

  6. Now open the theme folder you want to fix.

    1. Open Default.ini in Notepad

    2. Click on Edit then Replace

    3. In Find what, type: C:\Program Files\Thinix\

    4. In Replace with, type your path location; ie. C:\New Location\

    5. Click Replace All.

    6. Save and close the configuration files.

      1. If UAC is turned on, you may not be able to save there.

      2. You should save to My Documents or Desktop

      3. Then right click those files and choose ‘Cut’

      4. Then right click in the folder that you want to save them in, right click and choose ‘Paste’

      5. Choose Yes or Continue to any permissions prompts that open.

  7. Now open the language folder, default is EN

  8. Now repeat steps 6A through 6F (above) for these files:

    1. Buttons.ini

    2. Dock.ini

    3. DockExclusions.ini

    4. Kiosk.ini

    5. Tabs.ini