Finding and Creating New Button Images

“Where can I get a new button image?”
Button images are made and provided with the Thinix Touch 6 installation, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. We recognize that we can’t create buttons for every application on the planet, so we have a few solutions.

Option 1 – Look in the Icons folder

  1. There is a chance that the program you want an image for already has an image for it, it just needs to have the button created.

    1. Some buttons are not created, but have images included because of version specificity in the application path.

  2. Open Drive C

  3. Open Program Files

  4. Open the Thinix folder

  5. Open the Thinix Touch folder

  6. Open the Themes folder, then open the desired Theme folder, and then the language folder

  7. Open the Icons folder

  8. Browse for the desired icon, if it exists you can immediately use it to create a button in Touch Configuration; else, you can proceed to option two or three.

  9. The exported theme will be here, zipped up as the name of the theme.

    1. This theme can be applied to other installations of Thinix Touch 6 that have the same installation directory.

Option 2 – Search the Internet

  1. If you want an icon fast for a common application or website, there is a high probability that someone on the internet has already created an icon for it.

  2. Find the icon you want and download it to the Icons folder for the theme you’re using.

    1. Supported image formats: .jpg/.png./.bmp/.gif

  3. We suggest looking at the following websites, they have thousands of icons that you can download an use immediately:

    1. Find Icons:

    2. Icon Finder:

    3. Iconlet:

Option 3 – Create your own Icon

  1. There may be times when using proprietary software or software where icons are not commonly available or in creating your own theme that icons will need to be made. This will be discussed in further detail in a later KB article, but here is a quick overview.

    1. Icons are 208 pixels by 208 pixels

    2. The can have transparency

    3. Supported image formats: .jpg/.png/.bmp/.gif

  2. Creating icons can be accomplished in applications as simple as Paint or as complex as Photoshop, but here are a few free, powerful alternatives:

    1. Paint.Net:

    2. GimpShop:

    3. Gimp:

  3. Source Image Files for original Thinix Themes are available here: