How to Apply Visual Customizations

“How can I apply the visual customizations like the pictures and videos show?”

Customizations Include:

  1. Larger Close/Minimize/Maximize Buttons

  2. Larger Scroll Bars

  3. Larger Internet Explorer Buttons

  4. Larger Windows Explorer Buttons (XP)

  5. Single Click to Open Files and Folders

  6. Uniform, Large Icon, Tile Layout for Explorer

  7. Larger Menu Text

  8. More Spacing Between Icons and Menu Options

Because of the architecture of Windows installers and the registry, we are unable to include this functionality as an option directly available from the installer. But, this feature can easily be applied.

Applying Visual Customizations

  1. Open My Computer

  2. Open Drive C

  3. Open Program Files

  4. Open the Thinix folder

  5. Run the SilentTouchVisuals.exe file

    1. This will create a backup file of your current settings. More info:

    2. This will then apply the settings to your device

  6. Logoff your account and log back in, visual customizations will be applied.