3D-Application switching is unavailable because Windows Aero is currently disabled

When ViewScene (Thinix Touch) is running and I press the Home button on my ViewSonic ViewPad 10, I receive a message saying that:

“3D-Application switching is unavailable because Windows Aero is currently disabled.  To enable 3D-Application switching, return to Windows and select an Aero-Enabled Windows desktop theme.”

In order to use 3D Application Switching in Thinix Touch, Windows Aero needs to be enabled.  By default the ViewSonic ViewPad may ship with a Windows theme in which Windows Aero is disabled. 


To enable Windows Aero and use 3D-Application switching:

NOTE: Enabling Windows Aero may result in lessened system performance in Windows

  1. Return to a Windows desktop.

  2. Right click on the desktop and select Personalize.

  3. In the Window you can select any of the themes in the section entitled ‘Aero Themes’, then click [X] in the upper right corner of the screen to close the Appearance and Personalization Window.

  4. We now need to re-apply Thinix Visual Customizations:

    • Run the application: c:\program files\Thinix\Thinix Touch\SilentTouchVisuals.exe

  5. You now need to set your Windows Background to match Thinix Touch:

    • Run the application: c:\program files\Thinix\Thinix Touch\Utilities\OEM_Installer\set_background.exe

  6. Reboot

Using 3D-Application Switching on the ViewSonic ViewPad 10 from within Thinix Touch:

  1. Open Thinix Touch (ViewScene)

  2. Open at least two applications (you can open Calculator then minimize it, then open Notepad and minimize it).

  3. Press the Home icon and 3D-Application Switching will be active. When this mode is active you can switch between running applications by:

    • Press Magnifying Glass – Navigate to Next Application

    • Press BackArrow – Navigate to Previous Application

    • Press Home – Select the current (topmost app)

  4. Note that after 3D-App selector is closed, the buttons change functions:

    • Press Magnifying Glass – This opens Thinix TabletBrowser

    • Press BackArrow – Open or Close the Virtual Keyboard

    • Press Home – Initiate 3D-App Selector

Applies To: Thinix Touch 6 on the ViewSonic ViewPad 10pro