Remote Work Access Technology-in-a-Box
for Teleworkers/Telecommuters

Easy to Use IT Solutions for Connecting
& Securing Remote Employees

Low-Cost Work From Home Technology To Make Your Work Easier

To better serve evolving business needs, Thinix has a number of great packages that are low-cost and allow your team to effectively keep operations going as they work from home. Thinix has preconfigured work from home technology that your staff can easily and quickly install. Need or want something more customized? We can help with that too. Proudly serving businesses, government entities, schools, offices, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and more.


Patching & Endpoint Protection
Fully managed patches, updates, and antivirus for PCs/endpoints.

Managed Security Firewall & VPN
Protection for secure business networks and private VPN for remote workers.

Managed Web & Email Filtering
Secure, layered defense and filtering to prevent malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Managed Cloud Data Backups
Protect your critical data and ensure you are able to recover it should disaster strike.


Work Hardware & Tech Support

Remote Helpdesk Support
We help your IT keep your technology performing optimally so you can focus on growing your business.

Remote Work Access
Allows your remote team to securely access your business network via a private VPN.

PC & Laptop Provisions, Security, & Management
Preconfigured hardware that's easy for remote workers to set up and use.





Managed 4G LTE Internet Failover
Keep your business online 24/7 and say goodbye to Internet downtime.

Managed SD-WAN Appliance
Make sure your business critical applications remain online and perform on the best connection possible.

Managed WAN & Cloud Monitoring
Easily monitor your network, including LAN & WAN applications and know in real-time when issues occur for quicker resolution.


Communication & Audio/Video

VoIP Phone Systems
Preconfigured phone systems to keep your team connected and sounding professional.

Video Conferencing Kits
Professional-grade equipment that's compatible with most video conferencing platforms.

Enterprise-Grade Audio Built for Telecommunication
Plug and play audio equipment such as speakers and microphones designed for optimal sound.




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Security Solutions from Thinix for your Remote Employees

Security becomes more complex when employees are no longer in one central office and protected by behind one firewall. However, businesses with teleworkers or telecommuters are using more advanced security measures to protect employees while they partake in remote work access.

Thinix’s turnkey security and technology solutions are designed to make it easy to have employees work from home while providing Thinix best in class support and technology. From endpoints to edge networking and everything in between, Thinix solutions have built-in security for users to ensure home-based systems stay secure and up-to-date.

PC Security

Keep Your Remote Workers Connected

When businesses transition or allow employees to work from home, Internet connectivity is more important than ever to sustain high levels of productivity. Because home Internet connections are designed as consumer-grade, these connections are usually not monitored and often experience latency and other problems that affect productivity. Ultimately, home Internet isn’t intended to support business-level bandwidth demands.

To solve these connectivity issues, Thinix offers fully managed SD-WAN appliances, connectivity monitoring, and 4G LTE failover. These products easily integrate with any network setup to help ensure that employees stay connected and that their cloud-based applications function. Backed by sophisticated, yet low-cost hardware and management, Thinix connectivity solutions fully scale to accommodate larger enterprises with hundreds or thousands of remote employees.

IT Support Designed for Home-Based Employees

Just as security can become complex when employees start to work from home, simply providing IT services to these workers and accommodating their unique needs can become a challenge.

Thinix’s dedicated in-house support team provides phone and email-based support options. We support your team’s endpoints or PCs as well as facilitate the imaging and deployment of any Thinix systems that you choose for your remote workers. Your net benefit is that your IT team saves valuable time and resources.

To better assist in keeping communications open to the Thinix support team as well as internally for your team, Thinix offers audio-video conferencing options. These solutions solve the advanced audio-visual needs of home-based executives with turnkey conferencing packages to allow for a superior communication experience. These systems include all of the hardware, software, and ongoing remote support needed to have professional audio and video at home, key for virtual meetings, conference calls, and effective teamwork.

Video Conferencing System

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