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Digital Signage Designed for Easy Installation and Management

Designed for Ease of Installation and Management

In any industry, the first question we must pose is, how do we create content that people remember in this all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of ever present information? Add in the challenge of breaking down complex data and concepts in this environment of quick consumption and this issue can get even stickier. However, a simple answer can be found in one of the most powerful sensory receptors available to consumer disposal; visual signage. 

Between the hardware, software, content, and day-today management/update, digital signage can be a confusing product to implement. ThinSign digital signage solutions solves this problem by providing a simple, turkey solution that takes all of guess-work out of digital design.

Create Layouts

By providing compelling and parsimonious digital representations of key information, digital signage can quickly become an essential advertising enhancement to meet your healthcare, hospitality, business or government need. Ideal for menu boards, announcement displays, corporate communication, and basic wayfinding, digital signage from Thinix has a low total cost of ownership with many features only found in more expensive platforms.

Thinix offers integrated display solutions based on Samsung digital signage displays. These displays have integrated players and are the most cost-effective solution available. Thinix also offers low-cost signage players based on Google Chromebox hardware for use with existing displays.

Simple, Powerful Scheduling

Default Playlists: Easy to schedule playlists that will act as your safety net content to ensure your media is shown on your screens (if all other schedules expire or have not been published).

Schedule media to start at any time: Whether you want your schedule to start immediately or anytime in the future, we make this simple to achieve within your network.

Conditional Playback: Whether you want some media to play on certain screens, want to set expiration dates of a media asset, or wish to specific days and times your content can run – this is easily achievable with our conditional playback options.

Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring the performance of your signs is at your fingertips as soon as you log into your network. Knowing how your devices are performing and whether they have their current or future content schedules is of high importance. Therefore, your network dashboard will give you all the information you need to know.

Features at a Glance

  • User Friendly Layout Construction
  • Simple, Powerful Content Scheduling
  • Precise Monitoring & Reporting

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ThinSign delivers better performance, better layouts and gives you better monitoring tools.

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