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Distributed, Multi-Site Network Monitoring

From convenience stores to hotels, multiple-location businesses require Internet connectivity 24/7/365.

With traditional network monitoring, it's difficult to know with 100% certainty that failover connections are working, so if a failover connection fails, it won't be available the moment you need it, meaning disgruntled customers and bad reviews.

iStatus® Cloud is a different kind of network monitoring platform based on inexpensive, secure hardware probes. Simply plug them in, configure a few settings and you will be monitoring your networks in minutes. Most importantly, iStatus validates the complete path of each network segment, so you know each network segment is working. When things go wrong, iStatus sends detailed alerts with full connection information, contact phone numbers and everything you need to respond. iStatus provides instant ROI the first time a connection fails!

iStatus Delivers More Than Just Network Monitoring

Typical network monitoring uses either a centralized approach where you see the network from the perspective of the monitoring platform, or may use a distributed approach where you also see the network from the perspective of a remote location. However traditional network monitoring doesn't test connectivity from the perspective of each remote location or from (for example) each floor in a large hotel. Doing this typically requires a server on each VLAN with a probe installed, and cannot validate (test) backup Internet connections while they are inactive.

With traditional network monitoring, remote probes simply go offline when they are disconnected, giving network administrators little if any indication what went wrong. iStatus is different, it is built on the concept of using inexpensive hardware probes that can be distributed across an organization. These probes send beacons (packets) with information, to iStatus Cloud. When these packets are received they are correlated, to make decisions to validate that each connection is up and working from the perspective of each network segment, such as each floor in a large hotel.

When 4G connections are used for backup connectivity, several problems are created. IT staff needs to know if these connections are ready in the event that a primary connection fails, and also need to know if these connections are actively in use. iStatus Cloud has proprietary technology that uniquely allows iStatus Cloud to test and validate these connections without sending large amounts of traffic across these expensive connections, and has technology to detect failover events to alert network administrators. iStatus - inexpensive, effective network monitoring for multiple location businesses and distributed enterprises.

Understanding the Architecture and Benefits of iStatus

The iStatus dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of all Internet connections at all of your remote locations. You can quickly locate trouble, drill down to see issues and pinpoint problems!

The dashboard also allows you to enter connection details for each connection. So, imagine you have a network failure at 3:00am and your network administrator is unavailable. iStatus will send an alert email that contains all of the information needed to respond to the problem. The name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP), their helpdesk phone, email, and information on your account such as the account number, circuit ID, last known IP address, etc. In-short, when things fail, you get an email that doesn't leave you digging for information on who to call, or what circuit failed, it gives you everything you need to react, and to solve the issue immediately.

Leveraging the Power of iStatus to Provide Unparalleled Guest WiFi

As a hotel owner, your customers demand WiFi and when it fails you lose substantial revenue. iStatus Cloud, is an essential building block in delivering a highly reliable WiFi network that will keep your guests coming back, stay-after-stay.

When the Internet connection for a hotel goes down, hotels typically offer discounts, vouchers, and even refunds to guests. Even though the Internet failure is most often outside the control of the hotel, hotels lose substantial revenue and can lose future business from disgruntled customers.

Here's how iStatus helps you:

  • Thinix can help you implement a firewall (gateway) that supports DUAL Internet connections.

  • The firewall is configured to either load-balance customer WiFi traffic across both connections, or is configured to use a second connection only if the main connection fails.
  • An iStatus probe is installed in the hotel. It sends test beacons to the iStatus Cloud servers. These test packets are monitored and tracked. From this information iStatus Cloud continuously tests both of these connections - so if either fails, iStatus sends an alert email.

  • If a connection fails, traffic is transparently routed to the good connection, so your guest WiFi is never down because one ISP connection failed.

Stop making excuses and start delivering excellent WiFi with unparalleled reliability.

iStatus uses hybrid-cloud technology, combining a inexpensive hardware appliances installed in your hotel, with state-of-the-art cloud services.

These combine to deliver extraordinary service at an affordable price.

Features at a Glance

  • Monitor up to six Internet connections with a purpose-built hardware appliance
  • Validate backup Internet connections while they are inactive to know they are ready
  • Detailed Alerts - contain all the information needed to respond to a network failure
  • Dramatically improves response time when failures occur, no more hunting for circuit ID's and phone numbers
  • Low Cost & Easy to Install
  • Enterprise ready features help organizations manage complex networks with ease


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