Thinix Touch User Interface Software for Windows 7

Enabling Windows-Based Touchscreen Devices:

Microsoft Windows is the most prevalent operating system in the world. However, Microsoft Windows was designed for large monitors to be used with a keyboard and mouse, not with your finger. With the focus of many large computer manufacturers being directed towards the sale of touchscreen computers, Thinix Touch was designed and developed to improve upon the standard Windows interface by creating an entirely new interface that is fundamentally finger-friendly.

Turns Windows 7 based computers into touch friendly devices
Runs Windows Applications
Run multiple user applications at the same time
Customizable / Brandable User Interface
Supports Adobe Flash
Supports Printing
Launch applications with single finger tap
Includes Thinix AppDock™, or Taskbar, for Running Applications
Dock and Taskbar optimized for 'Finger Navigation'
Integrated On-Screen Keyboard
Optimized for Touchscreen Use
Customizable TouchScreen Tools
Resize running applications dynamically
Option to display keyboard as automatic pop-up feature when needed
Build fully customizable touchscreen tool menus
Insert strings or paragraphs of text with single touch
Group applications or websites and launch with a simple touch

Thinix Touch™ v6 enables a user to leverage the power of a Windows based computer, with the power of a highly touch-optimized user interface. Thinix Touch provides a really efficient and FUN solution for using a touchscreen computer based on Microsoft Windows.

  • Microsoft Windows is also very flexible, but with flexibility comes complexity.

  • Computers are increasingly used as appliances, where simpler = better.

  • Thinix Touch v6 changes Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 based computers into Touch Friendly devices.

Thinix Touch can be used on a normal computer to provide a simplified user interface. In other words, Thinix Touch does not require a Touchscreen monitor. It works fine with a keyboard and mouse in a variety of situations.

Thinix Touch provides consumers with a simplified user interface that can be used with standard or touchscreen enabled computers. Thinix Touch makes it easy to provide custom computer appliances that can run third-party programs, on top of the core applications. Users can browse the Internet, e-mail, chat, create and edit Office documents, and more.

Touch 6 OEM Applications Comparision

Read more about Thinix Touch™ Touch Screen User Interface Feature Comparison among different devi read more...

Thinix Touch overcomes many limitations found in other touchscreen products:

  • Create Secure Devices with Complete Control of the User Interface

  • Print to Local and Network Printers

  • Supports many Windows Accessories (keyboard, USB drives, scanners, etc.)

  • Runs Adobe Flash Player, and most other common application software designed for Windows

  • Connect and Sync Apple Devices Using iTunes

  • Supports Multiple Display Resolutions

  • Runs on PC Hardware with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7

  • Supports Local and Remote Network Management

  • Supports Video Conferencing

  • Plays Movies in any Common Format with Windows Media Player

  • Internet Explorer Runs and Supports all Websites using ActiveX

Applications of Thinix Touch™:

Thinix Touch allows users to transform their computer devices into Easy-to-Use, Finger-Driven Appliances. Thinix Touch can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Convertible Laptop Computers

  • Tablet PC Computers

  • Guest-Use Computers

  • Medical Applications

  • Industrial Applications

  • Appliance Computing (dedicated function computers)

  • Embedded Applications:

    • Machine Control

    • Transportation Systems

    • Equipment Monitoring or Production

    • HVAC, Building Automation, Lighting Control

Thinix Touch™ - Elegant Simplicity:

Thinix Touch is simple and fun to use. Applications are organized into big icons and grouped under configurable 'tabs'. Users can open applications, minimize applications to the Thinix AppDock™ at the bottom of the screen, switch between running applications, and type with unprecedented ease using the Thinix VirtualKeyboard™, all with just the touch of a finger.

Easy to Use TouchScreen Interface:

  • Fully Customizable Interface

  • Single Touch/Click to Open Applications

  • Integrated Thinix VirtualKeyboard™

  • 4-Way Screen Rotating Functionality (Vertical & Horizontal)

  • Tabbed User Interface Allows Applications to be Easily Organized

  • Run Any Windows Application

  • Easily Minimize, Maximize, and Switch Between Running Applications with Gesture Support

  • Themes can be Created to Customize the Look and Feel of Your Computer

  • Optional Pin-Code Protected Groups of Applications

Thinix Touch enables users with the ability to easily browse the Internet, access applications, play games, or watch television with the simple touch of a finger, or input text with the integrated onscreen keyboard.

Customizable Look and Feel:

The look and feel of Thinix Touch can be fully customized by changing the background image, theme skin, icons, and more. The entire configuration can be saved in a custom 'Theme', and a theme selector allows end-users to select from pre-defined themes

The Thinix Touch Configuration utility allows the user interface to be fully customized. The user has the rights to modify everything from the setup mode and desktop wallpaper to security settings and available applications.

Thinix Touch™...Enabling Windows-Based TouchScreen Devices.

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