Internet Kiosks & Guest-Use Computers

Revolutionizing the World of Public-Use Computing

Our internet kiosks and workstations are purpose built machines tailored to the specific functions of the organization in which they are being implemented. Similar to the guest use PCs, Thinix internet kiosks and workstations provide essential tools to your staff and customers without all the added complications or distractions of a standard PC. Employees and guests are able to access information from specific websites with ease and convenience in order to complete tasks such as training, business specific catalog ordering, customer product lists/options, view HR benefits and increase employee learning.

Thinix Guest-Use computers are used in a variety of applications to meet employee and guest needs:

  • Hospitality: Complete employee learning, provide a guest friendly navigation to look up specific functions such as weather, area attractions or restaurants
  • Healthcare: Waiting room learning kiosks, nursing home lobbies, hospital lobby map type kiosks, Employees can review HR benefits (vacation times, paid leave, etc.)
  • Business: Look up HR benefits on the Human Resource PCs, time clock kiosks, Employee Training capabilities, In-store/customer kiosks for catalog ordering or product directories 

Designed Around your Business

Internet kiosks are ideal for any business, healthcare organization or hospitality establishment that seeks to ease customer-to-business and employee-to-business integration in a simplistic and protected manor. Here at Thinix we work to provide brandable public-use kiosks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to deliver tailored functions per customer specifications. Our Thinix staff has the in-depth knowledge to partner with you to determine the best type of kiosk and software interface to meet your needs and increase productivity and longevity.

Expertise in Every Situation

Guest use kiosks and workstations allow administrators to provide additional surfing restrictions beyond the simple content filtering feature of a traditional guest use PC. These restrictions may be enabled to increase the efficiency and insure that the kiosk and/or workstation is used for its intended purpose free of distractions or additional surfing.  Thinix internet kiosks and workstations allow guests to access the internet through a public device. Available features include go-anywhere surfing, content filtering, features to clear all history after each user session, secure update solutions and session timeout capabilities. 

The following are just a few of the many rewards you’ll gain in partnering with us:

  • Beautiful Design: Thinix Guest-Use PCs utilize the attractive and customizable Thinix touch interface software. Thinix Touch is easily branded for our customers and also works great on touchscreen and non-touch computers.
  • Integrated Security: computers are "locked down" - meaning they are highly secure and incredibly reliable. Thinix Disk Protection v2 prevents users from mis-configuring the computer. Each time a user session ends, the computer is cleaned for the next user.
  • Privacy Protection: Thinix All-Clear securely deletes browsing history and files. This means a safe experience for all of your users. Integrated session and inactivity timers initiate a system clean-up if the guest leaves without ending their session.
  • Expert Support: Thinix has a fully in-house team of developers and technicians available to handle any issues, concerns, or customization requests with your PC. 

Features at a Glance

  • Customizable restrictions & functions
  • Remote management & software updates
  • Content filtering
  • Secure, Clear-All History Feature
  • Secure solution with managed updates
  • Failsafe Session Timeout feature
  • Simple single Click-to-Open Applications


Proudly Partnered With:

HP Enterprise Partner Dell Premier Partner Lenovo Business Partner Apple Consultants Network Partner

Example of the Thinix Kiosk 10 Interface on a Hotel Lobby PC

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