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We put the service in our construction trailer and the entire trailer becomes a WiFi Hotspot for everyone. Our guys love it. It’s an innovative way of solving the problem of having more consumers of web access than sources of web access. Now, everyone logs onto the WiFi Hotspot whenever they want to get their reports filed.

—Brice Sloan, CEO and Owner
Sloan Security

Your Business Needs Dependable Connectivity Now More Than Ever

In the fast-paced motion of business transactions and constant information flow the need for relentless and dependable connectivity has become more important now than ever. InternetAnywhere®, powered by Thinix® is a managed service designed for customers that want to outsource the provisioning and management of an Internet connection. InternetAnywhere supports both traditional users and mobile/remote users with a variety of cellular and traditional land line connections, network management and security devices, and support services.

Wherever Your Business Takes You, Stay Connected...

Thinix InternetAnywhere® is a managed, business-class, 4G LTE / LTE-A cellular Internet connection designed for rural, mobile and redundant connectivity applications. The service delivers an Internet connection with high reliability via commercial grade cellular modems. It can be used in a variety of ways such as delivering Internet access to rural farming applications, for schools to provide internet access to students on a school bus, or for emergency response personnel to establish a mobile command center.

Farming operations
Use Thinix InternetAnywhere to provide data connectivity to the Internet for remote swine production buildings. These buildings have a myriad of sensors and systems that report to a central web-based system for the site management and to ensure optimum efficiency and production. Many of the buildings are located where traditional Internet connections are weak or not available. With InternetAnywhere™ these remote operation enjoy business-class broadband connection speed and reliability that exceed traditional land/wire based networks at a reasonable cost.

School bus
It’s one of the great tensions in the education world: the need for consistent time in the classroom vs. the rich experiences that only occur when learning goes on the road—science field trips, hands-on vocational learning, sports competitions, band performances, ect. Some of the students’ most memorable, powerful lessons come from school activities that can’t happen at school. But whenever student travel during classes, they are losing invaluable instruction time to the black hole of bus travel. Thinix InternetAnywhere delivers the solutions to recapture lost instructional time.

Construction site
Even though they are frequently far from any kind of DSL or broadband cable line, construction company employees need fast Internet access in order to use their web-based, online project management solution. Thinix InternetAnywhere® helps them streamline operations and maximize the efficiency of their projects. InternetAnywhere is an easy, affordable way for construction crews and others working at remote sites to share a single broadband cellular connection via its WiFi Hotspot.

Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit
Emergency units travel to wherever people are in need of emergency assistance. When in transit and on-site of an emergency, units need to keep all communication channels open, including access to the Internet. InternetAnywhere® is an easy, affordable way for emergency units traveling to and working at remote sites to share a single broadband cellular connection via its WiFi Hotspot and keep all communication channels open.

How does Thinix InternetAnywhere work?

Whether you’re a retailer who wants to set up a kiosk in a mall, a construction company that needs access to your business network at a construction site, or a government agency with a mobile command trailer, Thinix makes it easy to create a network with Internet access anywhere there is a 4G LTE / LTE-A Internet connection. Most modern businesses suffer reduced productivity, lost sales, and customer dis-satisfaction when their Internet is down. Thinix solves this issue with an affordable, turnkey backup Internet connection powered by the highly reliable 4G cellular network so you can stop saying “Sorry, Our Internet is down.”

Features at a Glance

  • Create a Network Anywhere 
  • Easy to Deploy 
  • Improve Business Uptime With Ease
  • Fully Monitored & Managed
  • Numerous Applications:
    • Construction - Solutions for jobsite trailers
    • Farming - Vehicle or remote building hotspot
    • Police/Fire/911 - Disaster site command center
    • Medical - Fire & rescue mobile internet
    • Education - Mobile hotspot for school buses
    • RV/Travel - Connect wherever you are
    • Trucking - Turn your fleet into mobile Internet hotspots


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Dependable Connectivity Is More Important Than Ever

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